My Creative Space - Finishing Touch

This week in My Creative Space:

Finishing off a little something for my sis, for her Housewarming party!

Finished my Easter project first mentioned here and here. They turned out super cute! The newborn size looks sooo itty bitty compared to the largest size for 8 year olds. Super cute! No smiles from my little model today, but still very co operative for someone who hates things on her head!

Finished more of these lovely ladies to send off to new homes! And cutting out some more of those pretty gals!

And lastly a batch of brownies, using my favourite THE BEST brownie recipe by Melissa from Day to Day.
Hope you've had a great creative week, check out more of this weeks creative spaces here.


  1. Love the bunny hats, they are too cute!

    Mine wouldn't smile much today either.

  2. Cool Babushka dolls... and your little model is very cute - even without a smile :)

  3. babushka (right - matrioshka) so cute:)


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