Shop Update...finally...

Wowee well it's been so long between posts! The lead up to Easter turned out to be much busier than expected - in a good way, lot's of bunny softies, bunny hats, bunny slippers and bibs off to new homes.

During the Easter madness I experienced epic 'machine fail' - of the sewing machine and laptop variety. Lucky for me it was the best kind of time for something crap like that to happen, my birthday was just around the corner. Super surprise present a new sewing machine!!! And not the el cheapo kind I've been using, a really really really good one! We're still getting to know each other...I think she's smarter than me...

I thought after the Easter rush the shop would be a little quiet...nope, it has been the busiest since it first opened! Partly due to a growing fan base, blog features by lovely bloggers and appearing twice in Madeit's Picks (more on the Picks in a later post) and more and more new items up for grabs.
Which is all very exciting, also very exciting is the fact that my little shop is about six months old now! Wow sometimes it feels as though I've been doing this for years other times it feels like just yesterday I put the first couple of items up for sale (very nervously not expecting any sales, only to have sold my first item in just 20 minutes - best feeling ever). So I'm very pleased with how my little shop is going, a great first six months with really excellent customers and wonderful feedback that makes my day!

So until next time (I won't leave it as long between posts I promise!) here are some recent arrivals in my store:

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