Christmas Wrap Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends! I know I did :)   So I thought I'd share a few pics. Of course silly me forgot to take photos of our tree, the decorations and the huge gourmet spread at the in-laws. So whats there to show you ask....well.....

How about these sweet 'North Pole' cupcakes, complete with a light dusting of fresh snow (icing sugar). I made a batch of these for the hubby to take to work on Christmas Eve. I found the idea at One Charming Party, you can find a how to here, complete with a PDF download for the little North Pole signs. I made simple vanilla cupcakes in silver patty pans, with vanilla icing for 'snow' and I used jaffas for the top of the pole 'glued' to the candy cane with a little more icing. They proved to be very popular with hubs workmates.

Whilst talking food, I just have to show you these...

Oh they are sooo cute! So in the lead up to Christmas all over the interwebs I saw cute little reindeer biscuits but most of them had pretzels for antlers. Now I have nothing against pretzels, I quite like them, however when paired with chocolate and other sweet things I just can't do it, the whole sweet and savory together I thought the idea was cute but put it in the back of the memory bank.....UNTIL... early one evening Poh's Kitchen came on tv and it just happened to be the Christmas episode....with...wait for it.. cute little reindeer biscuits!!! But I only caught a quick glimpse of them at the begining of the episode, so I patiently sat and watched waiting to see them again. They didn't come back on screen. It was a great episode. But they didn't come back on screen. I just had to see them again, so I went to Poh's Kitchen found the ep and paused on the exact moment the little reindeer cuties were on screen. Oh man they were cute, I just had to make them a part of our Christmas celebrations. The best bit, they didn't go against my sweet v savory rule (well not so much rule just personal preference). Then a little issue, so I had oval shaped arnotts biscuits, I had red jaffas to make cute noses, I had choc chips for eyes and choc tiny teddies for antlers...however I needed something to make it all 'stick'. White chocolate...umm sorry not for an Australian Christmas, it's hot! So google saved the day (as usual) I found the perfect icing here and whilst looking around the Smashed Peas and Carrots blog I found Melted Snowman cookies! So stinkin' cute and how fitting for an aussie xmas!

                                                                         image via

Ok so enough sweet stuff. As I mentioned earlier I forgot to take a pic of our big tree in the living room all green and red and gold and traditional I guess you'd say, I can however show you some of the decorations from another tree in our home. I wanted something simple and cute for the baby room, so I went with a white, baby blue and pale pink colour scheme for Little M's very own tree. I found a white table tree for a whole $2.50 and some clear baubles which were just begging to be transformed. And transformed they were thanks to the lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes! She has the Best, the Cutest, and the Easiest tutorial for Crocheted Christmas Baubles. And here are my woolly balls! (haha sorry I had to do it)

I just love how they turned out and soooo quick, instant gratification yay!
So that my Christmas Wrap Up , it was meant to be a quick wrap up, so if you made it all the way to the bottom of this longer then first planned post give yourself a pat on the back and thanks for reading :)

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