Food Glorious Food!

All I can say is YUUUUMMMM! It certainly has been a tasty day in the kitchen. First up two batches of Rocky Road, one dark choc (pictured above) and the other white choc. I used the super quick and easy recipe by Corrie from Retromummy, recipe can be found here---Rocky Road.

Then on to some other great Christmas favourites, a batch of Rum Balls and then a batch of Easy peasy no bake Apricot Balls by Melissa from Day to Day.

Then a quick trip downtown (yes parking was madness) to the post office (yes the lines were very long) to send some bibs and softies off to new homes, then a quick look in the fabric shop (by look I mean purchase, but in my defence I did have a coupon that just had to used as it expired in a couple of days, so thats ok right? Right!) I could have spent all day in there, a park right out front, not to busy, nice and cool inside, found everything I needed straight away....aaahhh bliss. And home to a clean house and happy baby, thanks hubby!

And now there are two cheeky monkeys in my madeit shop!

Green monkey available HERE 
Pink monkey available HERE

Hope you've had a great day and thanks for popping by :)

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